SWTOR Beta Testers Guide

In case you haven’t checked your email inbox in the past few days, you better do it now. Anyone who signed up for beta testing of Star Wars: The Old Republic prior to November 11 and from the official release countries should be able to participate in this beta weekend, so make sure you take advantage of that.

For those who are already in beta and those who will be soon, we’ve gathered some basic tips you should know, courtesy of Reddit. Hopefully you’ll find some of this information useful!

Professions | Ships & Vehicles | Companions | Leveling | Items | Interface | Random Tips


  • Pick 2 gathering skills and 1 crafting skills
  • Treasure Hunting is pretty useless
  • Slicing is best if you want a lot of credits
  • Remember, you can only have 1 crafting skill
  • It’s a good idea when returning from questing to send your Companion out for gathering while you turn in quests, train, and buy/sell.

I recommend you take a look at this crew skills infographic if you want to figure out which crew skills to pick for your class.

Ships & Vehicles

  • You get your ship at around level 15. It’s part of your class story, so you have no chance of missing it. But it’s at the end of the 2nd planet and you likely won’t get that far in one weekend.
  • As soon as you can, buy some ship upgrades. They go a long way during space combat.
  • Speeders are purchased in Tattooine.
  • You probably won’t have enough credits for a vehicle before level 25: training costs 40,000 credits and the vehicle itself 4,000


  • You’ll get companions if you follow your class story
  • Companion weapons are upgradeable with mods, do not vendor them!
  • Use any downtime to send your companions on missions. Turning in quests? Send them off on a short mission. Doing a flashpoint or heroic quest? Now’s the time to do the longer ones.
  • Don’t forget to gear up your companions! Before vendoring something or putting it on the AH see if one of your companions can make use of it.
  • Be sure to rebuff your companion every time you get off your speeder, they will always lose the buff once you start riding.
  • You can have your companions loot items from slain creatures by pressing Shift+Right Click
  • You are able to expand the Companion Bar (through a button on his condensed bar) to a full bar. In the Interface section of Preferences, you are able to select which extra Quickslot Bar you wish to expand your Companion’s Bar to.
  • You can send your companion out for 60 seconds to vendor all of your grey items. This option can be found by Right-Clicking your companion’s portrait, or under the “tiny head” icon in the Crew Window. During this 60 seconds, your companion will be unavailable to assist you in any way, be it tradeskill, combat, or chat.


  • Get level 10 before leaving your origin world, then pick your AC and do the flashpoint. Picking your AC first will make the flash point much, much easier, especally if your a healer.
  • The best way to get 10 before leaving your origin planet is to do every quest and kill every enemy on the way. You can solo every group quest on the planet once you get your companion, so even if your adverse to grouping, just hold off on the quests until you get your companion, then do them.
  • If you don’t know where to go next, just follow your class quests: they’ll take you to an appropriate level area
  • You will get heroic quests way before you should be doing them, check the suggested level and set it aside until you’re higher or in the area.
  • You get social points for taking part in conversations in a group. Social points unlock various rewards, so you may want to accept and turn in quests in a group to increase your chances of getting them.
  • Take the time to do the flashpoints as you’re leveling. They are amazing, offer a nice change of pace and offer good XP.
  • Finish bonus quests before you move on to the quest it is associated with, sometimes when you complete the main quest the bonus one is lost. That’s free quest experience just gone.


  • If you find an orange item that you or a companion can use, keep it, assuming it has a full compliment of modification slots. Under the current mod system, orange items are the only things (outside of crit crafted items) that can be modified. What this means is that, as long as you keep up with the modifications, you can continue to use the item. This is subject to change, and frankly I hope it does, but you should use the system to your advantage.
  • Lightsaber colours are determined by what colour crystal you put in, you’ll probably see many on the AH (Galactic Trade Network).
  • ¬†Hold off on buying commendation items if you’re finishing up a planet, you can turn in those commendations for the next planet if you haven’t spent them. (2 commendations from your current planet will convert into 1 on the next)
  • Never buy [Random] vendor items, it’s a pointless gamble.


  • Go to Preferences -> Controls -> General -> Enable Area Loot. Always pick up all creature drops to maximize your credit income.
  • You can increase or decrease your field of view by pressing CTRL and using your mousewheel. Also, you can change the height of the camera with Shift+Mousewheel Up/Down. Zoom can be changed with ALT key and mousewheel up/down.
  • Shift+C opens your chat window
  • Through the Interface section in Preferences, the second section allows you to show up to 4 additional Quickslot Bars. One below the Default Bar. (This will push the Default Bar up.) One on the Right Side of the screen, and one on the Left Side of the screen. You can set the keybindings of additional quickslot bars with the Keybindings Tap in the Preferences Window. This can allow easier access to more of your abilities on those bars.
  • If you accidentally skip through a dialogue scene or miss out on what is said, pressing escape will totally withdraw you from the conversation and you can start over. You can “reset” the dialogue by pressing the “ESC” key; once the conversation is concluded however you can not repeat the dialogue. Unless the dialogue is part of a quest and you can reset the quest to repeat that section.
  • If you have interface glitches, try pressing CTRL+U twice: it’ll hide and then show it, forcing a reload.
  • You can use /stuck command if you get stuck

Random Tips

  • You get sprint at level 15.
  • Vendors will appear on your map as a credit symbol (a 7 with lines through it) and if you mouse over the symbol, you can tell exactly what that vendor sells most of the time.
  • In the current beta build you may not be able to “respec” your advanced class
  • Currently you can’t link items in chat
  • The auction house is called “Galactic Trade Network”
  • If you knock an enemy off a ledge, they take fall damage. If you kill them from fall damage you can still obtain the loot.
  • To cut down on overcrowding, SWTOR uses an Instanced system to separate the same location into multiple copies. When you join a party for a Heroic, you are not always in the same instance. To change, open your map. In the bottom right corner, there is a “World Map” with a title bar labeled “AREA” click the drop down menu and select the instance with your party leader/party in it. This will use your fast travel hearth and you will not be able to switch instances again for 30 minutes.

If you have any additional tips and tricks please post them below. Thanks!

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