For traveling from planet to planet you’re obviously going to be using starships, but while on a planet there are several ways to go around: quick travel, taxi service and personal vehicles. Below we’ll take a look at of these travel systems, because I know many of you are interested in any information about The Old Republic you can get.

Quick Travel

Quick traveling is similar to a Hearthstone in World of Warcraft. You can bind a certain location to it and when the spell is cast you’ll appear there. It has a 30 minute cooldown and a 10 second cast time, and you will be using it a lot while leveling up.

Taxi System

While I hate to make another WoW reference here, it’s by far the easiest to simply make a comparison with its Gryphons/Wyverns. Once you discover a location you can travel to it with the use of landspeeder taxis. It’ll cost you a few credits to do so, but it will save you a lot of time. Much like the quick traveling, you’ll be using this a lot, especially before you get your own speeder bike.

Personal Vehicles

STAP Vehicle

There are two types of personal vehicles: the STAP can currently only be obtained by pre-ordering the game, while the Speeder Bikes can be bought in-game for credits.

Name Required Level Speed Price (Credits)
42-Y Civillian Speeder Bike 25 60% 4,000
72-X Military Speeder Bike 40 85% 21,000
JR-3 Galactic Speeder Bike 50 100% 33,000

42-Y Civillian Speeder Bike

72-X Military Speeder Bike

JR-3 Galactic Speeder Bike

As you can see different speeders have their benefits, most notably the speed increase. Higher level speeders can also be upgraded with armor, reducing the chance you’ll get knocked off one when being attacked. Other than that, there are no other ways to customize the bikes.

There was also some talk about having animal mounts but Bioware gave up on it for now: they did mention we might see some after the game’s release though.

 I hope you learned something new from this article. If you’d like to see more info and guides posted on any other SWTOR systems, let me know in the comments below.

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