A Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) leveling guide can be a very useful tool in your journey towards the game’s level cap but they’re not for everyone. Leveling guides can also range in price from $30 to $40, which isn’t cheap. The main question a lot of people have asked me over the years is, “Why should I spend my hard-earned money on a leveling guide?”

To answer this question I decided to create a list of  the top 5 reasons a person should buy a leveling guide and a list of the top 3 reasons they shouldn’t! I hope it helps you make your decision.


5. You prefer guided tours over solo treks into the great unknown

Do you consider yourself more of an achiever or an explorer? Would you rather wander around a museum by yourself or led by a knowledgeable guide who will encrich the experience with interesting stories and conversation? If you’d rather follow a step-by-step approach to leveling that will help you achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible then a SWTOR leveling guide is your ticket.

4. You want to discover hidden easter eggs, achievmenets, and story elements

You may stumble across the odd hidden easter egg, achievement, or story element while playing the game but SWTOR leveling guides make an effort to point out as many of them as possible. The best part? You’ll find these them while you’re in level appropriate zones instead of having to come back when you’re much higher level. Efficiency is the key here.

3. You want good gear and cash to spare

SWTOR leveling guides don’t just tell you what quests to take, what to kill, and where to kill it. They don’t just help you unlock achievements and discover hidden easter eggs or story elements. They also help you get good gear and line your pockets with cash.  While this may not be their primary focus, you’ll often find yourself much better off in the gear/money department after following one of these guides because of the advice they offer on quests, farming spots, and gear drops.

2. You find wading through forums and online game databases cumbersome

I’ll be completely honest with you here: you can find most of the information contained within a leveling guide for free on the Internet. The trouble for many people is that they don’t have the time or patience to wade through all the noise and confusion to find it. There’s also very little context or order for the information you do find online. Leveling guides don’t just tell you how to earn experience points; they tell you how to earn them in the most efficient way possible by mixing and matching advice, quests, achievement unlocks, kill tasks, and not-so-obvious tasks simultaneously. You can find that online but it’s difficult to bring all the disparate information together in a cohesive way.

1. You are a casual player trying to keep up with friends

Gamers can be divided up into two groups: casuals and hardcores. Casual gamers usually have tight constraints on their play time and hardcore players do not. While it’s almost impossible to keep up with your hardcore friends if you’re a casual gamer, leveling guides can provide a huge boost to your leveling performance because they teach you how to play the game most efficiently and effectively. You won’t be wasting away your time running around like a chicken with your head cut off; you’ll have a detailed list of steps to follow and if you follow them you’ll progress at a blazingly fast pace.


3. You don’t mind spending hours upon hours searching through WoW forums and database sites

As I said above, you can find a lot of great information for free online. If you don’t mind joining up with various blogs or forums, asking questions, filtering the answers, and putting the online advice into action then you probably don’t need a leveling guide. If you don’t mind searching databases, parsing the results, maps, and comments, and putting faith in the *mostly* good people of the Internet then you probably don’t need a leveling guide.

2. You are an extreme explorer type who likes to discover everything for yourself.

Explorers aren’t driven by experience points, gear, gold, or other achievements; they’re driven by self discovery. If you’re the kind of player who likes to head out into the wilderness without any kind of guide, map, or agenda then you probably don’t need a leveling guide to tell you where to go, what to kill, and how to kill it most efficiently.

1. You are a hardcore player who puts in many hours per day

Let’s face it, if you’re a hardcore player who plays 5-12 hours of SWTOR per day, you probably don’t need the help of a leveling guide. In many cases the leveling guides aren’t actually 100% complete when a new game or expansion launches. You’ll always get free updates, which is fine for casual players, but the most hardcore players usually outpace leveling guide authors shortly after a new game/expansion releases, which makes the whole thing kind of pointless.

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